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Policy for Quality of SALICE
glasses is determined by the Management and is strongly supported by all staff. Our primary objectives are:
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring the satisfaction of their needs and expectations;
  • Establish and develop working relationships with suppliers, guaranteeing optimum quality standards;
  • Keeping and continuously improving the "Quality Management System" in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, chosen by top management as a reference;
  • Work always using "procedures" documented and constantly updated, so designed as to ensure the minimum quality of service and both developed to allow the disclosure of the contents of the various business entities, enhance and promote, in all activities promoted holding, attitudes and behavior by its staff that permit the growth of the "Culture of Quality";
  • Define through quality planning and monitoring measurable goals to achieve them consistently;
  • Operate in compliance with laws and regulations applicable industry, with particular reference to safety.
  • Our professional commitment of resources means growth, updating, researching and developing new technologies to offer the best. The pride that we carry inside us to always believe that every goal must be achieved for us a new and exciting starting point. The customer is always our focus: getting into the game and aim higher and higher is a must, as well as a subtle, comforting pleasure

    The guarantee of the true Made in Italy
    The Made in Italy is synonymous with high quality, appreciated and sought all over the world. But it is not easy to distinguish an authentic Italian product from counterfeiting which often prove harmful to both the customer and the manufacturer. It happens more and more often clashing with the threat of Italian sounding, ie the marketing of products bearing trademark names that sound Italian but which are not produced in Italy. Italcheck is now one of the main systems for certification and authentication, and makes sure to protect and promote the Made in Italy products, certifying and giving the opportunity to check, through the IC QR code / NFC and the dedicated smart utility, the authenticity of the articles and to trace the production and origin both in Italy and abroad, proving an advantage for those exports and becoming an enhancement and storytelling project of the Made in Italy excellences. The consumer can thus be sure, comfortably and free of charge, that his purchase is 100% authentic Italian.
    The Italian identity is that mix that combines creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, research, quality, tradition, and unique style and beauty of the Bel Paese, that the whole world recognizes us, envy and research. Italy is an unique country where live together a unique territory, millenarian culture, history and tradition, creativity, craftsmanship, innovation and manufacturing excellence combined with a culture of food and food products. From south to north, from east to west, a united plurality creates that unique mix, Italian Style that everyone envies from which we must draw strength to take back the place in the world that falls to us. We are increasingly entering the world markets, as well as the products, with empathy and leadership, the real levers of the third millennium. If the Made in Italy were a brand, it would be the third most recognized brand in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa. This competitive advantage, however, must be protected and enhanced through a certification project. You have to think in an international way to get back to being competitive, not complaining that in the world there are copies of our products but starting to be present and recognizable with our authentic products, and allow the consumer to recognize them when he look for. more
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