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Glasses Technology


Human eye cannot separate the horizontal rays from the vertical rays composing the light. Polarized lens contains a special “polarizing filter”, which absorbs the horizontal rays, responsible of glare and image distortions, and keeps the vertical rays only. Polarized lens assures the best vision, the right colours and contrast perception and a bigger comfort, as it absorbs the glares that normally strain the eye.


Photochromic lenses contain photosensitive substances which modify their chemical structure according to light intensity. The basic colour is clear and becomes darker when the sunlight is deeper, and quickly lightens when the light drops. You can pass from the shadow to a bright area and back always wearing the sunglasses. The available colours are: CRX smoke (passing from category 1 to 3) and brown (category 1-3 on models with a visor, 2-4 all the other models).

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For best eye protection against optical radiations: our new lens IR infrared. Optical radiation damages on the eyes are due to their wavelength and power. Radiations are ultraviolet UV light (length: 100-380 nm), visible light (length: 380-780 nm) and infrared IR-A light (length 780 m-1 mm). IR lens totally stops the absorption of UV lights (UV-A, UVB, UV-C), cause of several diseases (cataract, retina degeneration, and photokeratoconjunctivitis). It stops blue light absorption (380-550 nm) one of the cause of photoretinitis. It stops the absorption of infrared IR-A rays, which cause heat damage on eyes, cataracts, damages on retina and cornea and keratocongiuntivitis. IR lens guarantees a clear vision and best depth; protection cat. 2.


Tecna is a new generation set of lenses especially developed to be used in the mountain. The basic colour is a mix of yellow and brown enhancing contrast and depth of field, the bi-degrading mirroring on both ends protects the eyes from direct sunlight and glare reflected from flat surfaces (snow and ice), the anti glare on the rear of the lens allows for a sharper and easier vision and eliminates rear sunrays glare.


Quattro lens is developed for the mountain, with top protection cat. 4. The basic colour, a special smoke shade, is developed to reach a relaxing effect with highly reflective surfaces (snow and ice). The front mirroring aims at reducing the glare.

Glasses Technology

With our experience and our continuous R&D, we produce goggles that protect our customers' eyes from harmful solar radiation, cold, and wind. Our products improve your visual acuity and do not tarnish. These characteristics along with refined aesthetics and goods fit make Salice Goggles. In the video below, the blue arrow represents the ingoing cold air flow. The orange arrow represents the outgoing warm air flow.


In compliance with 89/686/CE European Directive, in accordance with law EN ISO 12312-1:2013. We suggest not to use abrasive cleansings to clean the lens. Strength suitable for standard uses, when not submitted to extreme stress. .