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Goggles Technology

Thanks to our expertise and on-going research, we work to offer products that protect your eyes from sun radiations, cold and wind; they improve your vision and are antifog. Salice goggles have the best fitting and a top look.
All lenses are ANTIFOG and UV400: they stop ultraviolet radiations until 400 nm.
Single lenses antifog A are available in several colours.
Double lenses DA have a stronger antifog property.
Double lenses vented DAV, in addition to their strong antifog property, have an air system for the best air circulation.
Mirror lenses RW with a coloured multicoating reduce light binding due to glaring surfaces (water, snow, and ice) Spherical lenses guarantee a better distortion-free peripheral vision.
Sonar Lens, patented by Zeiss and specially developed for ski, filters blue light, as many other technical lenses do, but only in part, so it enables the eyes to see any terrain irregularities, which normally are not quickly identified. Sonar lens improves colours contrast and brightness but, at the same time, it allows to detect bumps and it allows to have a safer skiing. It fits any light conditions and it’s category S2.

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New generation lens: in addition to the photochromic and polarized features, the lens receives a multicoating mirror treatment, which enhances colour contrast and gives an aggressive touch. Lens passes from category S2 (not activated lens) to S4 (activated lens).


Lens which combines the technological features of photochromic and polarized lens. The lens is double: the inner lens is polarized, it absorbs light glares and removes the dazzle; the photochromic outer lens is activated by sunlight and changes its colour according to the weather conditions. Lens passes from the category S2 to S3, from S2 to S4 when the temperature is lower than -5° C (23° F). When the altitude is over 2.000 m (6.500 ft), with UVB rays, it passes from category S2 to S4 with any temperature. Available in amber or brown, depending on the model.


Photochromic chromolex lens changes its colour according to sunlight intensity: it darkens when there’s a lot of light, it lightens with low light. This enables the wearer to keep the ski goggles in any light condition. This lens is available in yellow, it passes from category S1 to S2.


New technical lens, cat. S4, developed for high mountain skiing. It’s a double smoke antifog outer lens with goldgreen inner lens, it assures depth and protection in the most extreme situations. Available for items 618 and 608.

Technology Goggles


With our experience and our continuous R&D, produce goggles that protect our customers' eyes from harmful solar radiation, cold, and wind.
Our products improve your visual acuity and do not tarnish. These characteristics along with refined aesthetics and good fit make Salice Goggles.
Double ventilated lenses (DAV) Air System is even more effective than anti-fog thanks to the extra airflow.
These lenses are especially recommended while using a ski helmet. The air flow entering the top of the ventilation of goggle frame is limited by the profile of the helmet itself.


Do not use chemical detergents to clean the lenses. Use a microfiber cloth. Antifog lenses are more likely to get scratched when wet. Use a clean cloth to clean them and make sure that the cloth does not contain any substance that may damage the lenses. In compliance with 89/686/CE European Directive, in accordance with law EN 174:2001.